Build to Rent Homes with Solar:
Coming to Your City

The future is here, and the future is eco-friendly.


With solar becoming increasingly adopted throughout the country thanks to its cost-effectiveness and government incentives, homes with solar are becoming the norm.


In parallel, build to rent homes for long-term rental are also becoming the norm.


It won’t be long now before the combination arrives in your city. But before you invest, develop, or rent, you want to be informed of the benefits of looking specifically into homes with solar.

What Is a Build to Rent Home With Solar?

Let’s start with the basics.


A build to rent home is a long-term rental solution that has seen an uptick in popularity in recent years from renters, developers, investors, and landlords as an alternative to short-term rental or homeownership.


They have all the necessities of a regular home, but with a fixed rental schedule and price.


More and more Americans are turning to build to rent homes as a desired living arrangement.


The reasons for this may vary.


Build to rent homes are popular options for anyone looking for more flexibility with their living situation, but that does not want to worry about the uncertainty of short-term rentals. The effect of the rise of remote work and the growing interest in travel whilst having a somewhat stable home base will definitely play a role in the rental market going forward. This is just one example of it.


They are also popular with people ready to have a more stable living situation, but that are still in the midst of saving for homeownership, or that do not feel ready for homeownership. A crash test, if you will.


Additionally, in build to rent homes, you typically find higher-quality amenities than in short-term rentals, such as swimming pools or gyms. But you do not have to worry about repairs as you would as a homeowner. Several of these complexes have their own handymen and services ready for you with just a call. And the communities you find in build to rent home complexes tend to be tight-knit and welcoming.


They tend to be popular options for younger tenants especially, as younger generations prefer flexibility or shy away from homeownership due to past mistakes or financial stability.


If you’re a developer, investor, or landlord interested in this market, you should also consider that these same young generations are a lot more interested in renewable, green energy solutions.


Making build to rent homes with solar is the ultimate combination to attract renters to your community. Even more so when they also include residential battery storage for that solar energy to accumulate and be used at a later date.

How Does a Build to Rent Home Having Solar and Battery Storage Benefit Me?


A build to rent home with solar and battery storage is a godsend for both homebuilders, investors, and renters alike.


The first thing to keep in mind is the profile of the person most likely to invest in a long-term rental. As mentioned above - it is the younger generations. As also mentioned above, younger generations care more deeply about green energy solutions.


By adding solar to a build to rent home as an investor, landlord, or developer, you are already more attractive to these renters.


But that’s not all.


Solar is proven to decrease the cost of utility bills for both owners and renters alike. The addition of a battery storage pack in the home also serves to keep it powered during periods with less sun, such as fall or winter.


Even developers can benefit from solar.


Because of the impact on the environment, the government has taken an active interest in initiatives focusing on clean-energy solutions. Most commonly, this comes in the form of tax credits. Both investors and developers benefit from tax credits when they go through the process of incorporating solar into the home.


President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act has actually extended tax credits at a tiered rate until 2035 – so the time to act is now. Especially with an appealing, new product such as build to rent homes. The solution it provides to the current pain points in the market increases tenfold by adding solar energy.


And, if owners or developers decide to sell further down the line should the market change, solar will result in an increase in value for the property.


Still unsure?


Here are the government's top reasons for adding solar with battery storage to a home:

  • Never lose power, even without the sun or during winter
  • Leverage stored energy to avoid an increase in your monthly electric bill – sometimes, it even be sold back!
  • Track your electricity usage, useful for owners, builders, and renters
  • Energy self-sufficiency – no need to rely on external companies for energy, especially useful in unpredictable weather


Build to rent homes with solar are undoubtedly the future of this growing trend.

RAYVA Solar Is Your Best Bet

You are probably interested in developing, investing, or renting a build to rent home with solar then.


You want to make sure you go to the best company for solar there is – and that’s our team here at RAYVA.


Unlike other companies, our team is entirely focused 100% on residential solar energy solutions.


There are no other verticals or projects beyond solar, and our mission is to reduce the use of carbon-based energy by 70% in all RAYVA households. Thanks to partnerships with other clean tech energy companies, we are able to offer our product to more and more households and make solar energy the norm.


Our cutting-edge technology built by our experience in Arizona is unique in the market, having been put to the test in the extreme weather conditions of our home state. Additionally, our team is young, the exact type of profile looking into build to rent homes right now. We understand your clients, we are your clients.


Who better to help you cater to them and decrease your own expenses whilst aiding the environment?


At RAYVA, we offer full transparency in how solar energy works, how our systems works, and what this means for homeowners, builders, and renters alike. On our blog, we share information about the industry, ourselves, solar energy, and the impact it has on the environment. We also like to educate our potential customers, so they do not fall into the common pitfalls of solar.


As it is a popular, growing option, there are many unaware folks out there who fall for unscrupulous sales tactics and end up with unfortunate results.


Not at RAYVA.


As we do not have middlemen selling for us, you will always receive our attention and commitment to you and your needs. Each client is special and different, and we adapt as needed to each one.


We do not want anyone to have a negative experience with solar, or to face troubles. If solar is to truly positively change the way we use energy, it has to be a seamless, transparent experience from all angles. And that is what we offer.


Our philosophy leads us to work with every member of the physical home.


From homebuilders to roofers and homeowners, and now with build to rent home developers and investors, we aim to make the entire process affordable, green, and beneficial.


This is the strategy we believe in to increase solar adoption throughout the country, not a need to sell our product and move on. By educating, informing, and helping reduce costs to make it the clear best option for all parties involved.


And, with a focus on aesthetics.


Solar energy has long suffered from bulky designs which are unpleasing to the eye. While houses with these panels did contribute and benefit the environment, they were visual contamination.


At RAYVA, we also offer sleek solar panel design Our solar tiles are quite different from their traditional, rock-mounted counterparts, offering a more aesthetic appearance. And they are easier to install.


Not to mention the islanding capabilities, which will only be strengthened with our new partnership with battery storage packs so that the home can go off-grid and still have power if needed. An important quality with our ever-changing environmental crisis resulting in unprecedented climate changes.


Finally, RAYVA is about to create a warranty service.


This is to help ensure and safeguard our customers so that they are always serviced. We want to be able to help builders, developers, roofers, and investors take advantage of tax credits for their investments via a Tax Equity Fund.


Build to rent shows no signs of slowing down as an attractive alternative for renters.


Nor does solar energy.


Combining the two makes the most sense for developers and investors looking to increase their chances in the market. Especially as climate change continues to be a growing concern for us all.


If you want to add solar to your build to rent home, make sure to get in touch with our team for top-quality service and guidance.



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Copyright Rayva, Inc.  |  hello@rayvasolar.com  |  480.702.1102  |  Gilbert, AZ. 85296