Clean Energy Startup RAYVA Reveals Sleek New
Solar Tiles on Arizona Homes

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Have you ever seen ultra-sleek solar tiles that seamlessly integrate into your home roofing?


Arizona clean energy startup RAYVA has created exactly that, and for the first time, their new integrated solar panel design is viewable by the public. Their mission: reduce carbon-based energy usage by 70% in every Rayva household.


RAYVA cut the ribbon with its first full installation in the Southwestern United States on a 4,000 sq. ft. home in Gilbert, Arizona, piquing interest from local residents and business owners. Two technical install days and 168 panels later, the home now boasts a 10.9 kW system with a 10.1 kWh backup battery. A second 5,050 sq. ft. home in Queen Creek, AZ has also been fully equipped with a 12kW RAYVA system.



A drone shot captures the differences between a RAYVA home in Gilbert, AZ. and a neighboring home with traditional rack-mounted solar.


Street view of RAYVA’s BIPV solar tiles installed seamlessly on a second home in Queen Creek, AZ.

Although these are the team’s first public test installs, they have been working on a top-notch building-integrated solar solution since 2019. According to CEO and Co-Founder, Dan McOmber, “Our biggest competitive edge is our go to market strategy. Other solar companies target individual consumers who are interested in getting solar on their roofs, but RAYVA works with homebuilders and roofers to secure larger orders, drastically cutting sales and marketing costs.” This means RAYVA homeowners will actually spend less on solar vs. installing traditional rack-mounted solutions.


RAYVA’s team of 8 is rich in diverse talent. And it’s needed - according to Lynne Nethken, Co-Founder and Chief Product and Technology Officer, there’s one big problem at the core of the engineering focus:




Unsurprisingly, Arizona is an ideal climate to ruthlessly test solar panels. Thefirst installations will allow the team to thoroughly test and push the limits of what the hardware can achieve in an extreme environment. At the same time, they’re opportunities to refine the installation process with roofing partners.


While RAYVA’s panels are built to handle extreme heat, freezing temperatures, and everything in between, they also produce more energy at a fraction of the cost compared with traditional solar. Completing the roofing labor at the same time as the panel installation saves money, time, and it’s also much easier on your roof.


And thanks to industry-leading microinverter technology and the team’s rigorous engineering processes, RAYVA’s electrical system is designed to be safer and more resilient. RAYVA solar tiles are also one of few that have islanding capabilities, meaning you have the ability to go off-grid.


Excited for the future of solar? Follow along on RAYVA’s shiny new social accounts as they launch nationwide later next year:


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Copyright Rayva, Inc.  |  |  480.702.1102  |  Gilbert, AZ. 85296