Slash Your Home Energy Bill by 60%
or More with RAYVA Solar

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Inflation is skyrocketing, gas prices are the highest ever, food costs are through the roof, and energy prices are increasing too.
Like many Arizonans, rising costs might have you wondering if going solar could offset that formidable summer utility bill.

Build to Rent Homes with Solar: Coming to Your City

The future is here, and the future is eco-friendly.


With solar becoming increasingly adopted throughout the country thanks to its cost-effectiveness and government incentives, homes with solar are becoming the norm. In parallel, build to rent homes for long-term rental are also becoming the norm. It won’t be long now before the combination arrives in your city. But before you invest, develop, or rent, you want to be informed of the benefits of looking specifically into homes with solar.


Clean Energy Startup RAYVA Reveals Sleek New Solar Tiles on Arizona Homes

[ 3 Min. Read ]


Have you ever seen ultra-sleek solar tiles that seamlessly integrate into your home roofing? Arizona clean energy startup RAYVA has created exactly that, and for the first time, their new integrated solar panel design is viewable by the public. Their mission: reduce carbon-based energy usage by 70% in every Rayva household.


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Copyright Rayva, Inc.  |  |  480.702.1102  |  Gilbert, AZ. 85296